We are native Vermonters who've grown up in the beautiful North East Kingdom (NEK) area and have made it our home. Nestled in the green mountains you can find us living and working off our land. When we first began we were surrounded by the deep woods and have slowly taken-back part of the original farm land that was here back in the early 1900's. Part of our house is even founded on the old stone foundation of the small 16x16 farm house that was here long before us. We have also recovered about a dozen of the old apple trees of the first homestead that we found buried by the overgrowth of the woods that had crept in around them. We have since enjoyed many of the wonderful harvests of their still producing fruit.

We know what it's like to start from scratch and work our way up to having a working homestead. We have been very pleased with our labors which are beginning to give back to us in the form of abundant harvests and quality meat through our livestock, as well as much used fertilizers for our gardens and fruit. It has taken a number of years for us to get things to the place they are today, but it has been well worth the effort.

We now raise most of our own food right off the land, with 2500+sq/ft of raised beds for our summer vegetable gardens. We’ve also planted and cultivated a bunch of fruit trees and bushes, including asparagus, rhubarb, strawberries, a vineyard of grapes, blueberry bushes in abundance, gooseberries, currants, wild elderberries, brambles, and apple, pear, and plum trees. It’s a never ending harvest throughout the summer months!

We raise sheep & goats on a yearly basis for meat and harvest venison as desired. Plus the occasional pigs for pork or steer for beef. While our very entertaining poultry flock of chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys also adds to our varied diet.

We have high quality animals available for sale most of the year, providing great breeding stock options coming from solid foundations and friendly animals. Most of our lambs and kids are sold in the early summer, as we mainly breed for March/April. So, contact us early in the year for the best options and to make a deposit to hold livestock you’d like to purchase. See our livestock pages for more info.

We raise registered Production Dorset Sheep, acquiring our foundation stock from K Bar K Farm in Pennsylvania and recently adding rams from Hunter’s Dorsets out of Indian. Our sheep are polled Dorsets known for out of season breeding and quick weight growth. They are unlike the show Dorset line of taller and sleeker sheep. Our rams are stocky and great meat producers, weighing about 225 - 325 lbs or more as adults. Ewes are great moms and twin consistently, with some set of triplets. They weigh 150 - 225 lbs or more as adults. We lamb between 175 - 200% each year and we have only had one orphaned lamb in ten years of breeding (that to a first year ewe). Lambs grow to around 45-60+ lbs by two months, and 75-100+ lbs by 3 months.

We also have professionally tanned washable lamb skins available year round.

Across the driveway from our sheep you’ll find our Boer Goat herd which is raised mainly for meat and breeding stock options. They also produce a good amount of milk too! One of our best does had enough milk to raise a set of quad kids to weaning age on her own. She’s an amazing goat!

We have a small herd, so our goats are handled on a regular basis making very friendly animals and great tasting meat! All kids are sired by ABGA Registered Full Blood Studs who weigh about 200-300+ lbs as adults. Our does run about 150-225 lbs at maturity. (See our Goat Page for pedigree information) We typically kid above 200% each year with regular triplets and an occasional set of quads. One year we even had a set of quintuplets!

See our For Sale pages for breeding stock options or feel free to contact us directly.

Our flock of sheep and herd of goats range in the fields and woods of our homestead here in the NEK. We have limited pasture so both our sheep and goats are supplemented on good quality hay and grain year round. They are also, protected by our purebred Maremma Sheepdogs, because of the predator threat in our heavily wooded area. We have treasured the value and protection our Maremmas have added to our farm and enjoy the dog’s wonderful personalities. We are a registered breeder of our Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD’s) and have pups available for sale seasonally.

We also enjoy an adventurous Poultry Flock of free ranging laying hens with roosters, ducks, geese, and turkeys. With all the birds roaming our property they really work together to help keep the pesky bug population down. They also aerate and propagate the lawn as they range upon it and keep us very entertained with all their antics.

After trying out a few different breeds, our favorite duck has become the Muscovy, for both it's brooding and meat qualities. They consistently hatch out and raise their own clutch of ducklings every summer and are very weather tolerant for this area.

We recently switched over to Toulouse geese, after trying American and Sebastopol breeds. Our goal was to have our geese hatch out their own goslings like our ducks do, to save us as much work as possible, as well as to have a goose with a good amount of meat on the bone. After our first year with the Toulouse geese they were able to successfully hatch out their own goslings, which made them a keeper for us.

Birds are for sale at different times through out the year. See our Poultry page or contact us for details.

Enjoy the rest of your visit to our NEK Sheep & Goat Farm website and happy homesteading!