We have sold out of our Boer goat breeding stock and are spending more of our time and energy on our Dorset sheep flock, so we no longer have Boer kids available for sale. We do have a couple of our favorite goats that we’ve kept for our enjoyment and to keep our Mustang mare, as well as our Maremma LGDs company. We’ve decided to keep pictures of some of our beloved goats on our website as we still enjoy seeing them even though they are no longer with us.

Boer goats are raised mainly for meat. They also produce a good amount of milk too, but not like a true milking goat breed. One of our best does had enough milk to raise a set of quad kids to weaning age on her own. She was an amazing goat! Full blood bucks typically weigh about 200-300 lbs as adults and does run about 150-225 lbs at maturity. They typically kid above 200% yearly with regular triplets and an occasional set of quads. One year we even had a set of quintuplets! If you have any questions on the Boer goat we’d be happy to share some of our experience with you.

Thank you to all of our customers who have purchased stock from us over the years. We pray that your experience with the Boer goat is as enjoyable as ours has been.

Cracker Jack or “CJ”

Some of our Does

2010 – Twinkle Queen’s Little Star - AGBA #10570705

2015 – Dancing Joy - ABGA #10738394

2016 – Smokin’ Hot Molly Moon - ABGA #10765187

Red Hot Smokin' Gun - Max

Bam and Maggie

Paper Doll

Dancing Mia

Magnum Treasure

Maremma LGD "Star" and April Showers