Now that winter is in full swing things have slowed down some on the farm. Our Maremma LGDs have been staying closer to home with their flocks and herds hanging out in the barns. They are in full fluff mood in order to keep warm for the cold winter days. They don’t seem to mind laying out in a snowbank to take a nap in the sun while we're staying warm inside the house by the wood stove. Full moon nights tend to make for a very bright evening when snow is on the ground, so our Maremmas stay alert and on guard while predators take advantage of the good hunting conditions. It’s nice to know the livestock are all safe and sound.

We do not have any puppies available at this time. We may have a litter next summer. We do keep a contact list if you’d like to be informed of our next breeding. If you do contact us, just let us know a little bit about you, where you’re from and the kind of  livestock you raise, and we can talk about adding your name to our list.

Each of our pups comes with an individual Micro ID chip, a vet check, their first set of shots and first de-wormings. Pups start at $850, plus 6% Vermont sales tax, for ether males or females, up to 10 weeks of age. After 10 weeks the cost of the puppy goes up with appropriate shots due and added time spent here on our farm for extra training and run-time with our mature Maremmas.

Your pup will also come with registration papers from MSCA (Maremma Sheepdog Club of America). These are limited registration papers. The cost for breeding rights for a dog is $1200, plus 6% sales tax, for ether males or females. If you are interested in breeding rights for your dog please let us know ahead of time so that we can issue you a full registration status and pick out a suitable pup for breeding. (Full registration status means that you can register any litters born to that dog. Limited registration means that no offspring can be registered. It is the breeder's choice to issue ether status.)

Ever since we've had our flock and herd we've had our registered Maremma Sheepdogs, or livestock guardian dogs (LGD). They live 24 hrs/day guarding our Dorset sheep and Boer goats and overall homestead. We live about 2 miles from any neighbors and in the midst of the woods. The LDGs are used to keep predators at bay, including but not limited to coyotes, birds of prey, strangers, and anything else that might try to venture into the animal yards that is not welcome. We have not had any predator attacks on our lambs and kids since we’ve had our Maremmas. They have also added a level of protection to our poultry that has keep the fox and weasels at bay.

Maremmas will build a special bond with whatever livestock they are exposed to as they grow, be it sheep, goats, poultry, or even cows and horses (although our dogs are not worked with cows or horses and added care is needed introducing LGDs to these types of livestock). By the time our pups leave our farm they will have had a good start to a foundation for a life as a LGD and will continue to learn and grow on their own as well. Many of our pup owners have been amazed at how quickly their new pup takes to the livestock and to doing their job, even at a young age.

We took some time and research to decide on which LGD breed to go with and have been greatly satisfied with the performance, function, and temperament of the Maremma. Our dogs came from real guardian lines, on working farms, and have been great protectors for us. Their natural instincts to bond with the livestock they grow up with is impressive and they continue to surprise us with their intelligence and work ethics.

NEK's Stud Levi: Peavine’s Francesco del Montelarco and Florentina (Amalfi & Chianti)

Breeding Female Alexis: Peavine’s Benedetto (Alfredo & Jersey Girl) & Margo (Hank & Hailey)

For centuries Maremmas have been used and bred in Europe and Asia to be livestock guardians so, their guardian instincts are a part of who they are. Little hands on work is necessary in teaching them how to guard the livestock as it’s part of their natural breed characteristics. We do work with them on their manners, teaching them fencing boundaries, and to respect the livestock.

Our pups are born out in the barn with our livestock and spend their first 8-12 weeks here on our farm with them and our other adult LGDs. They eat, sleep, and live right in amongst the livestock, observing everything that mom and dad do. Their first couple of months they will keenly observe their parents, our other Maremmas, and the social network of the litter of pups they are with. As they grow and mature they will continue to fine-tune their guardian skills through the goings-on of their new homes, the charges they are given, and their surroundings. Through deduction of what is normal to the area they are given to protect they will build a data base in which to make their own protective decisions on how to best care for their flock or herd. They are very intelligent, thinking dogs.

If you are looking for more information on the Maremma breed or have questions about whether or not a LGD is suitable to your situation, please check out the following link at the official Maremma Sheepdog Club of America website ( They have all kinds of helpful information. Or, feel free to contact us and we'll try to help you in any way we can.

Our Maremmas have been a real joy to own and work with!